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Located in a natural, rural setting Whitetail Ranch Center will provide the structure and safe environment for vocational and social skill development for veterans to lead independent, productive, and healthy lives. Whitetail Ranch Center is a unique, comprehensive working ranch built upon the military principles of team work, planning, preparation, decision making, adaptability, innovation, and execution. Every aspect of Whitetail is integrated into these principles through vocational opportunities and social integration activities. Agriculture, horticulture, and culinary activities are therapeutic in nature and provide for vocational skill development and structured social reintegration activities. 

Products raised and grown will provide a food source for the hundreds of meals prepared each week for Whitetail residents. In addition, all products will be turned into added value products, e.g. steaks, hams, eggs, jams, pies, hides, leather and horsehair crafts -  which will provide a significant revenue stream so Whitetail Ranch Center can be primarily self-sustaining.