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Within the Whitetail Ranch Center residents will be introduced to high tunnel production and the ins and outs of the production process. Residents will experience firsthand what it takes to maintain, harvest, and support high tunnel production. Our high tunnel crop production will use deep year-round organic production as based upon Eliot Coleman’s work. Coleman is a critically acclaimed author, researcher and educator among the agricultural community. High tunnel production will provide food for ranch residents and produce for value added production. Produce grown for added value production include berries, peas, melons, seasonal squash, and cut flowers. With the dedication of our veterans we believe this avenue will not only be a positive benefit for the community but, will help introduce our veterans to a positive new way of life. 

Residents will partner with Whitetail staff to see their products available at farmers’ markets, local co-ops, local business’s, individual consumers, and producers. Residents will learn skills in production, agriculture management, farm equipment maintenance, business and budget planning, and soil maintenance.