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As all other programs and activities at the ranch are created to for the betterment of veterans the same rings true for our ranch production program. Not only will livestock from the ranch go to feeding its residents, but Whitetail Ranch Center will also be looking to introduce its ranch products into local markets. Residents will learn and be involved in ranch maintenance, husbandry, basic veterinary skills, branding, budgeting, and real-world business skills.   

Organic poultry and hog and natural beef will be sold at local restaurants, co-ops, farmers markets, and local grocery stores. When we partner with these types of institutions not only will the community benefit from our locally raised food but, our Veterans will truly understand how to take food from farm to market

Activities & Opportunities:

  • Business and Marketing Plan Development & Branding
  • Butcher
  • Livestock Yard Manager/Employee
  • Processing Plant Employee
  • On Site Classes with Local Ranchers
  • Ranch Hand/Wrangler