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Whitetail Ranch Center’s mission is to meet the needs of veterans facing the many complex challenges of PTSD. Whitetail Ranch Center will empower veterans to lead independent, productive, and healthy lives.



Whitetail Ranch Center is a non-profit, long-term residential, working ranch serving and supporting the needs of veterans with PTSD. Residents will learn vocational ranching skills through daily ranch responsibilities while pursuing educational or vocational goals and regaining comfort with social interactions. Veterans will receive support through equine activities, natural horsemanship training, and traditional services. The community environment embraces teamwork and accountability of residents while providing a safe and structured setting for veterans to successfully re-integrate to civilian life.

Montana has the 2nd highest per capita of veterans in the country with many veterans living in rural areas. Every day 22 veterans in the United States commit suicide. Yet, in rural areas like those in Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Idaho, that number jumps to 33 a day. We need to do something for these veterans. They have sacrificed so much…it is time we do something for them. Whitetail came to be because it is simply time, past time.