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Whitetail Ranch Center is a non-profit, long-term residential, working ranch serving and supporting the needs of veterans experiencing PTSD. Veterans will learn vocational ranching skills through daily ranch responsibilities while pursuing educational or vocational goals and regaining comfort with social interactions. Residents will receive support through equine activities, natural horsemanship training, and traditional services. The community environment embraces teamwork and accountability of residents while providing a safe and structured setting for veterans to successfully re-integrate to civilian life.


Whitetail Ranch Center is the vision of Dave and Julie Tudor. Whitetail did not come together overnight, it started as a retirement idea. Dave and Julie wanted to retire in Montana, and as Julie watched Dave’s son, an Iraqi War Veteran struggling with PTSD, the vision to have their own ranch slowly evolved into Whitetail Ranch Center. 

Whitetail's vision is the result of research, conversations, and visiting other nonprofit organizations serving veterans. As a college professor, Julie dove into the literature to see what is working and what is not, and to learn what are others are recommending. We have talked with veterans, family members of veterans, mental health professionals, farmers and ranchers, equine specialists, and community members. 

Indeed, many wonderful veteran non-profit organizations are meeting veteran's needs, yet, no comprehensive, long-term residential program that provided vocational training seemed to exist. So, Dave and Julie got to work connecting with veterans, farmers, executive chefs, mental health professionals, VA professionals, and equine specialists across the country. Thus, after much reading, listening, and learning, Whitetail Ranch Center's vision came to light.