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Have you ever wondered how can use the time, talents, and treasures that you have, and why you have been given them?  We all have these resources.  How you use them reflects your heart and mind.  

Whitetail Ranch Center realizes that we all have different capacity to serve and give.  Yet, we know our Veterans have sacrificed more through serving of our country and giving of their time and talents than most.  We are eternally grateful for their sacrifice.  

Montana has the 2nd highest per capita of Veterans in the country with many Veterans living in rural areas.  Every day 22 Veterans in the United States commit suicide.  Yet, in rural areas like those in Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Idaho, that number jumps to 33 a day.   We need to do something for these Veterans.  They have sacrificed so much…it is time we do something for them.  Whitetail came to be because it is simply time, past time.

Help Whitetail become a reality by sharing your time, talents, and treasures.  Through you, we can empower a Veteran to lead an independent, productive, and healthy life.

Thank you!